Select number of guests

Please contact us if you have questions regarding reservations for more than 20 people.

Dear guest.

When making a reservation at Bon Lio you have 4 options:

1) Full menu: The price is 1680kr pr person, drinks are not included and the table is yours the whole evening. (If your reservation is before 7:00, seating time is 3 hours)

2) Half menu: The price is 840kr pr person. Note: If you are out for dinner, we recommend the full experience. Seating time is 2 hours if nothing else is agreed.

3) Bar: Snacks and/or drinks. Seating time is 2 hours, if nothing else is agreed.

4) SUMMER POP-UP 2023: Visit us at Buene in Risør, (3 hours south of Oslo). (Menu 950kr + wine/drinks)



You can always drop in without a reservation!

If you have special needs or allergies, please let us know in advance, so we can give you the best possible evening.

Note: We can not costumize our menu for vegans or vegetarians. Even though our menu changes with the seasons, it consists mainly of vegetables and seafood.

Looking forward to see you!