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Cartel’s brings the best in Pan-Latin creativity to serve up cocktails and plates to be proud of.

We have traveled around to meet the street vendors and the high-end chefs.

We have dined at family tables from Villa Almania in Chile, to Lima, Peru.

We have roamed from the lively side-streets of Buenos Aires to the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro. All this, to be inspired...

Cartel’s is a celebration!

It's vibrant and rugged and packed with flavour. It delights and surprises.

It brings quality to the table and a level of satisfaction only limited by your ability to consume.

Indulge your indulgences and dance with your demons.

We do what we do so that you and your own cartels have a place to celebrate life and tell long-lost stories. This is a place for food, fiesta and familia!

So, leave with a full heart and an even fuller belly. Viva Cartel’s!