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We are happy to accommodate larger groups, please make your booking by contacting us on or +36 703332190 *** Szívesen látunk nagyobb társaságokat is, ebben az esetben kérjük vegye fel velünk a kapcsolatot a következő elérhetőségeken: vagy +36 703332190

Important notes before the reservation:

Please note that we serve only fix tasting menu which is not variable and approximately 3 hours long.

If anybody in your party has a special diet (vegetarian, vegan, etc) or food allergy, let us know on the reservation and we will prepare a menu personally for you if we know in advance. We can not manage any changes on the spot.

In case of no-show or late cancellations, we charge the price of the full tasting menu per head from your bank card. A late cancellation is 48 hours before the reservation time.

Please mind that the credit card issued by some card holders are not compatible with our reservation system.

We keep the table for maximum 15 minutes. We are very strict about the timing because of our special menu system.

Thank you for booking at Salt Budapest.