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pronounced: /POB-re/
meaning “poor” in 

A dedication to our humble beginnings, Pobre restaurant proudly serves New Filipino food. We deliver dishes that vibrate the flavors of the Philippines.

In Filipino culture, food is always a centerpiece of any gathering. Cooking is a way to bring a family together and the value of a memorable dining experience is at the very core of our identity. In Pobre, we want to impart this joy of sharing a good meal with those you hold close.

Our food in the Philippines is a reflection of our complex and varied history as a trading hub between East and West, but it’s not just that – it is born out of the Filipino desire to share. That is the Filipino food experience. And that is the experience that we, The Pobre Guys, want to share with you.

Pobre is our home, and you are our most honored guests.

Welcome to Pobre. Welcome home.

Come join us for a meal,
The Pobre Team