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New aadress: Maakri 19/1, Tallinn

Restaurant Kolm Sibulat is located exactly between fast and slow food. Equidistant from both, but connecting the right sides of each. Our menu includes noodle dishes as well as pearl couscous with Middle Eastern flavors, Mediterranean hummus, red lentil soup inspired by Thai cuisine, and spicy kimchi cabbage known from Korean cuisine. From time to time we are asked to define the kind of cuisine we make here at Kolmis Bula. It's probably easiest to say fusion-confusion, that is, it depends on which part of the world the wind blows our inspiration from. The only thing that is certain is that everything that comes out of the kitchen of the Three Onions is made like us and with a lot of love!

Always ready to surprise you,
Roman, Igor and Jana

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