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Please contact us in order to discuss the booking for more than 8 people.
Phone: +45 23810291

Welcome to the online booking for Marv & Ben

Booking for more than 8 people? Please write at

At Marv & Ben, the table is yours for 3 hours. If you know already, that you will only stop by for a short time, it is also possible to book 2.5 hours.
If you request the table longer time, please contact

If you want the table the entire evening, please book at 20.00 or later. 

We kindly ask you to fill out your contact information correctly, since we with larger groups from 6 guests and up will contact you a few days in advance. If we cannot get a hold of you we will have to cancel the reservation. 

On smaller tables we will call on the day to confirm the reservation. 

We are looking very much forward to welcoming you here in Snaregade!