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Please contact us in order to discuss the booking for more than 8 people.
Phone: +48 792222211


Reservations terms and conditions

Reservation is guaranteed only after the credit card is sucessfully registered.        

No fee will be charged on your card, unless there is a late cancellation, modification or no-show.

We allow up to 48 h  before your reservation for cancellations or modifications without any penalty.

In  case of a late cancellation or a no-show, a fee

of 310 PLN per person for bookings from Monday till Thursday and 420 PLN per person for Fridays and Saturdays will be charged to your credit card.

Late modifications regarding the number of guests will be charged of 310/420 PLN per cancelled seating.


Please note that our reservation system has its limitations. If we can not meet your  request via online booking this probably means that the desired date is fully booked or there are no vacant tables for the desired number of guests.

If you would like to be notified about possible availability, join our waiting list.

Also note that the earliest you can book a table in restauant is 90 days in advance.

We do not accept reservations with children up to 14 years of age.

The maximum number of seats at the table is 6.

For bigger groups or exclusive reservations contact:

If you have any questions contact us: