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Phone: +47 70114500

Welcome to the online booking for Apotekergata No.5

The Norwegian nature is both ruthless and demanding.

But it is also generous.

A menu where nature dominates, and seasons dictate.

We hope we have succeeded in giving our unique local produce the attention and respect they deserve, presented through techniques, ingredients and inspiration from all around the world.


We follow the recomendations given by the Norweigan FHI.


IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFORMATION: Please let us know if you need a distance of one meter between the guests in your reservation. Make the comment on the next page. 


Welcome to Apotekergata No. 5


For group reservations, 6 guests or more, please contact the restaurant at or +47 70 11 45 00

Please note that cancellations must be made 24 hours before arrival or you will be charged NOK 450,-


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