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Dear Guests,

We are happy to announce that we reopen our restaurant on 14 May after the long lockdown. We are extremely lucky, because we could work actively even in this long period: first through our home delivery Silentium menus, then through our special Illusion menu we managed to remain connected to you and share the Laurel experience with you even in these alternative ways. Although we could hardly wait for the reopening, there were some skills we could improve through the difficulties posed by the lockdown. Our Silentium and Illusion menus contributed to the improvement of our adaptability and creativity, since we often faced tasks that were not part of our original positions in the restaurant. What is even more important: we managed to solve these difficulties together, as a team.

Our new menu created for the reopening is called Synthesis – in our interpretation, this name expresses various things. On the one hand, in this menu we would like to show the essence of how we have shifted the focus to flavour and purity even more. Although these qualities characterized our kitchen from the beginning, we believe that we managed to reach the next level even in this aspect during the lockdown. On the other hand, upon the request of our guests, we re-introduced some signature dishes (such as the catfish stew) on the new menu. In this way, for us synthesis is the summary, the culmination of our self-improvement during the lockdown that can bring the Laurel experience to the next level for our guests.

There are two tasting menus available - on of them is comletely vegan. Both menus include the same number of courses.

Menu: 29.000 HUF

Wine pairing: 14.000 HUF

Champagne and wine pairing: 18.000 HUF

Service charge: 13%

Please bear in mind that our menus contain crabs and seashells, gluten, soya, lactose, milk protein and nuts. For further details or questions about allergies please do not hesitate to contact us.