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Please contact us in order to discuss the booking for more than 8 people.
Phone: +36 203695922

Dear Guests!

The team of Laurel Budapest has created its Menu „Illusion”, which will surprise you not only with its dishes and drinks, but also with its implementation and location that are really unconventional.

We did our best to create the most realistic restaurant Illusion by adhering to all the regulations.

After you ordered your take-away menu in our restaurant, our colleagues are happy to finish and serve the dishes for you similar to the „Private Chef in your home” service that several fine dining restaurants have already been offering for a while. For these couple of hours the location is provided in our vicinity by our cooperating partner, just a few steps from our restaurant.

Our menu contains gluten, soya, lactose, milk protein and nuts. Under the current circumstances we are unfortunately unable to manage allergies and vegetartian/vegan options, neither can we offer replacement courses.
For further details or questions about allergies please do not hesitate to contact us!

If we managed to arouse your interest for the details, make a booking with us and indulge in our dilusion!

8 course tasting menü: 33.000 HUF/person
Wine pairing: 18.000 HUF/person

You can find the detailed menü and more information at our website!