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Please contact us in order to discuss the booking for more than 6 people.
Phone: +45
NEW BOOKING INFO - Read here:  

Our outdoor tables cannot be booked as it is first come, first served and does not require corona passes. 

BOOKING FOR BREAKFAST IS NOT POSSIBLE - just come by. We are experts in finding space for everyone <3 

Everyday morning (Mon-Fri). From Monday to Friday we will serve our normal breakfast menu with quite a few changes. 

Weekend morning (Sat-Sun). From Saturday to Sunday we have put together breakfast packages. You can choose between 5 and 7 dishes + 2 optional drinks. Minimum price 215, - pr. person. 

BOOKING FOR LUNCH & EVENING (Lunch starts at 12.45 on weekdays and 13.30 on weekends.) At Frederiksberg you can book a table from kl. 13 on weekdays and at 13.30 on weekends. 

It is NOT possible to book a table outside, as it is first come, first served. - For bookings of more than 7 guests per. table please contact us at 

- We will try to respond as soon as possible. Feel free to send your inquiry about booking well in advance. 

Our phone is intended for food collection and NOT reservations. 

NOTE! - Corona Restrictions: 

Coronapas must be presented when booking indoors and NOT outdoors. 

- 1 meter distance to other companies must be kept. 

- Remember that you must wear a mask when you walk around and stand up in our café. 

We look forward to seeing you <3