Select number of guests

Please contact us in order to discuss the booking for more than 8 people.
Phone: +45

From 26 April and 14 days onwards, you can book a table at Mad & Kaffe.
You can not book a table outside. (Note: our outdoor tables are for spontaneous visits only and not bookings. Therefore: if you want to sit outside, do NOT book a table, but just show up.) Our outdoor tables are still first come, first served and do not require corona passes.

BOOKING FOR BREAKFAST (We have temporarily opened up for bookings for breakfast indoors)

From 26 April and 14 days onwards, you can book a table for Mad & Kaffe's breakfast. If the restrictions continue as now, we will of course open up further for bookings on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned to social media and our website.

Everyday morning (Mon-Thurs). From Monday to Thursday we will serve our normal breakfast menu with quite a few changes.

Weekend morning (Fri-Sun). From Friday to Sunday we have put together breakfast packages. You can choose between 5 and 7 dishes + 2 optional drinks. Minimum price 215, - pr. person.

BOOKING FOR BREAKFAST & EVENING (Breakfast starts at 12.45 on weekdays and 13.30 on weekends.)
In Frederiksberg you can book a table from kl. 13 on weekdays and at 13.30 on weekends.

It is NOT possible to book a table outside, as it is first come, first served.

- For bookings of more than 7 guests per. table, please contact us at

- We will try to respond as soon as possible. Feel free to send your inquiry about booking well in advance.

Our phone is intended for food collection and NOT reservations.

NOTE! - Corona Restrictions:

Coronapas must be presented when booking indoors and NOT outdoors.

- 1 meter distance to other companies must be kept.

- A booking must be made min. 30 minutes before arrival by indoor booking.

- Remember that you must wear a bandage when you walk around and stand up in our café.

We look forward to seeing you <3