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Telefon: +45 69157004
Mail: Booker@cocks.dk

Welcome to the online booking for Cock's & Cows Ravnsborggade

Ravnsborggade 14, DK-2200 Copenhagen N

Theater Menu

Dinner and a movie? We got the dinner part covered. It's so good they should give us a Tony!

Available Monday - Thursday 5pm-6pm

Classic Cow, fries and a sauce 125kr

Cheese n Smoke or Treehugger, fries and a sauce 150kr

Got a sweet tooth? Add a dessert for 30kr



We don't just do burgers, we serve brunch too! Every Saturday and Sunday between 12.00 - 14.00.
Serving up classics such as Eggs Benedict and our own Good Morning burger your local Cock's just became a little more fabulous. We also offer the opportunity for you to create your own brunch plate, based on your night before. Feeling like fresh as a daisy? Or in need of a little support, we got your back. Kick start your weekend and make the most difficult choice of your day between Bloody or Virgin Mary. 


Our Place Your Party

We have a place for everything - and we'd be happy to help out with more than just the essentials. It might be our place, but it's your party!

Talk to a party maker today: booking@cocks.dk or visit https://cocksandcows.dk/companydining