Hvor mange gæster vil du gerne booke til?

Venligst kontakt os såfremt I ønsker at booke til mere end 8 gæster.
Telefon: +45 69696000
Mail: Booker@cocks.dk

Welcome to the online booking for Cock's & Cows Ravnsborggade

Ravnsborggade 14, 2400 Copenhagen N


Booking info:

If you book a table at Cock's & Cows, it's yours for 2 hours. 

If the desired time is not available, please give us a call at 69696000.

Remember that we have a Nørrebro theater menu (when you show your ticket):

1 x Cheese 'n' smoke - classic sesame
1 x Twister fries
1 x Chili mayo
1 x 0,4L organic pilsner
= 190 kroner


Booking for more than 8 people?

We offer a private party downstairs for up to 100 people. Please contact booker@cocks.dk for more info. 


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