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Sankt Peders Stræde 38, 1453 Copenhagen K

New Season Combo Menu

Introducing the first Cock’s & Cows Season Combo Menu. We’ve created the perfect pairings with Mediterranean flavors ready to carry you away from these cold dark nights and into the sunset.
The Pepper Le Pew burger is a smokin’ mix of chili rubbed beef patty, grilled Padrón peppers, smoked melted brie, pickled red onions, chili mayo and mustard mayo. Spiked shut with chorizo and peppers.
Wash it down with a perfectly spiced, bacon topped Bloody Mary, then finish it all off with some sweet potato fries. Just enough sweet to tame the heat.

Freebie Friday

Friday means Freebie! The last Friday of each month is hosted by Freebie Friday - and that means open bar for all our guests!
We know when, but not where! The location will be revealed through our Social Media channels on the very same day - so keep your eyes and ears open;)

Our Place Your Party

We have a place for everything - and we'd be happy to help out with more than just the essentials. It might be our place, but it's your party!
Talk to a party maker today: booking@cocks.dk or visit https://cocksandcows.dk/companydining


Booking Info

  • If you book a table at Cock's & Cow, it's yours for 2 hours. 
  • Booking for more than # NUMBER_OF_GUESTS # people? We offer a private dining room 'The Rooftop' for guests more than 12 people. Please contact  booker@cocks.dk

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