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 The New Vietnamese Culinarie Techniques Tasting Menu is officially launched. Drop by The Vietnamese to explore a new, innovative and marvellous gastronomic voyage!

395,- per Person 

The Menu


Súp – Soup

Súp Măng Cua

Vietnamese crab and asparagus soup


Nộm – Tossed Salads - gỏi mien chon Bo

Glass NoodleSalad with Beef


Cuốn - Wraps -  Bo bía

Fresh Spring Rolls with Sausages, Omelette, Jicama and Dried Shrimps


Chiên - Frying- Nem cua bể

crispy Square Crab Spring Rolls


Nướng – Grilled -  nướng muối ớt

Grilled shrimp on sea salt with green chili dipping sauce 


Hấp – Steamed - Gà Hấp Muối

dry Steamed on Salt Chicken


Xào – Stir-fry/Sautéing - Cơm Chiên Cá Mặn

stired Fried Rice With Anchovies


Sấy – Drying/Crystallized - Dứa Sấy muối ớt

Crystallized Dried Pineapple with salt caramel and chili


This menu is inspired by The Vietnamese Culinarie Techniques. 

Chef Duc Huy Do and members of THE VIETNAMESE want to send to all vietnamese food lovers an interesting tasting menu with techniques, culture and personal story all in the vietnamese tables treasure, and we want to offer to you a features a combination of five fundamental tastes in overall meals.

The soul of our gastronomic tour at our heartmade kitchen is a tasting menu with 8 dishes. - After a year with Corona - Covid-19, we choose number 8 with meaning of the number 8 represents the resurgence based on potentials, the transition from bad fortune to fortune - The menu is attentively prepared for both flavors and appearance with 8 culinarie Technicques and Tasting of Vietnamese cuisine with 5 central flavours; sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty. A true explosion of the senses with every mouthful when it comes to traditional Vietnamese dishes. Each dish in our tasting menu has a distinctive flavor which reflects one or more of these elements of the vietnamese cooking techniques with the food trends and authenticity of Vietnam.

Xin Moi! Welcome!