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Venligst kontakt os såfremt I ønsker at booke til mere end 8 gæster.
Telefon: +45 69696000
Mail: Pragsblvd@cocks.dk

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Amagerbrogade 37, 2300  Copenhagen S

Byens Bedste Burger 2018

We need your nomination!
Help us in our quest of winning Byens Bedste Burger, by AOK.dk - nominate us with the hashtag #byensbedste18 on Instagram before April 2.

Freebie Friday:

  • Friday means Freebie! The last Friday of each month Cock's & Cows is hosting Freebie Friday - and that means open bar for all our guests!
  • We know when, but not where! The location will be revealed through our Social Media channels on the very same day - so keep your eyes and ears open ;)

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